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Marianne Sagebrecht
  • Birthday: 27.08.1945
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Marianne Sägebrecht is a German actress, most famous for her appearances in the movies Sugarbaby, Bagdad Café, and The War of the Roses. She began her career as a producer and performer of Germany's alternative theater/cabaret scene, and was later spotted by director Percy Adlon in a 1977 production of Adele Spitzeder. Adlon cast her in his 1983 feature The Swing and then created the leading role of Marianne in Sugarbaby (1985) especially for her. She went on to appear in American films such as Moon over Parador (1988) and The War of the Roses (1989). Returning to Germany, she starred in Martha and I (1990; released in the USA in 1995) and Mona Must Die (1994), and had small supporting parts in The Ogre (1996) and Left Luggage (1998). Sägebrecht was born on 27 August 1945 in Starnberg, Bavaria. She claims to have been inspired by Bavaria's mad King Ludwig II.

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