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Isabelle Adriani
  • Birthday: 22.06.1972
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Isabelle Adriani is an Italian actress, singer, dancer, fairy tale author, journalist, and talented whistler. She has a PhD in History and is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. She has starred in over 35 movies in Italy in the last four years and has published 10 books of fairy tales and two historical novels, 'The Garden of Power' and 'The True Story of Cinderella'. <br/><br/> Born in Perugia, Italy to two neurologists known for their research in brain disease, Isabelle was sent abroad to study in countries such as England, Germany, France, America, and Argentina. She showed a deep passion for fairy tales and acting at a young age, writing fables and starring in plays at school. At 19, she published her first book of Fairy Tales, 'The Blue Butterfly', and met Susan Strasberg who believed in her and advised her to move to the United States. <br/><br/> Isabelle earned her PhD in History at the University of Perugia at 22 and wrote her final works on the DNA of Fairy Tales. She also attended C.U.T. Theatre Drama University School in Perugia and earned a Master in journalism, working for major TV channels in Italy and newspaper magazines. <br/><br/> In the last four years, Isabelle has starred in some of the most successful movies in Italy, such as 'What a Beautiful Day' and 'Men Against Women'. She has also appeared briefly in 'The American' with George Clooney and in 'Twice Born' with Penelope Cruz. She has presented the daily TV show 'Moviestar' for Canale 5, Mediaset, and has done voice-overs for 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' and 'Ice Age 4'. <br/><br/> In 2011, Isabelle performed for Al Pacino and Woody Allen at New Year's Eve and whistled for the soundtrack of 'Baharia', directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. She has since earned her green card as a 'Talent' and recently returned from Puerto Rico, where she played Esmeralda in 'Reclaim' directed by Alan White with John Cusack and Jacki Weaver. <br/><br/> The multi-talented actress now lives between Rome and Los Angeles.

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