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  • Birthday: 18.07.1966
  • Total videos: 10
Gabriella Hall is a model and actress from Los Angeles who is best known for her appearances in Cinemax TV shows and movies such as Erotic Confessions and Beverly Hills Bordello. She has appeared in over 58 TV shows and movies, posed for Playboy magazine, and appeared in one of their videos, Playboy: Girls of the Internet (as Gabriella Skye). Hall was born in Los Angeles but grew up on the beaches of Northern California. She auditioned for fashion print work on a whim as a way to pay for veterinarian school, which led to runway modeling in Europe before she returned to California. Her first major role was in a movie called Centerfold (later renamed Naked Ambition). After that, she appeared in 18 features over the next two years, including the Nicolas Roeg drama, Full Body Massage, (as the younger flashback of Mimi Rogers' character, Nina). Recently, she has gotten into producing her own movies with Jacqueline Hyde (2005).